Monday, January 17, 2011

settled for the meantime

We've finally moved out from the apartment and currently back from where we first lived as husband and wife. At our church mission's house. We will be staying here until the place we are going to occupy is vacated and I hope that won't take long. Coming back here brings back so many memories during our first days as married couple, just like the first days, we do not have our own stove, a fridge or a dining table. We decided not to used some of our stuff for the mean time because using them means we're going assemble them again and when it's time to move again (after a month or so) we have to dis assemble them again. And that I do not want to do so we decided to just use whatever we can use from here. Moving is a head ache, packing and unpacking things is sure to burn more calories than the diet pills you are taking for sure.

So we are settled but not yet back to normal life for the mean time. At least I have internet connection at night and I can do some work at home.

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