Thursday, January 20, 2011

Plight of our nurses

If you watched "reporter's notebook" ( an investigative/documentary show in GMA 7) last night you've probably saw this particular registered nurse who collects garbage with his cart during the day and then a volunteer nurse at night. Why he collects garbage? because he has to pay for the hospital he's working, he has to pay for him to render his service to that hospital just so he could have that training certificate and be able to apply as a nurse and get paid eventually.

How would you feel if you are the parent and you've spend all your riches (nursing and medical assistant school aren't cheap ) in sending your child to school and end up pushing cart collecting garbage? You'll probably ask a lot of why's. But I tell you, if this nurse keeps on striving and doing his best to sustain his needs and to attain his goals, his on his way to success and I salute him for not all college graduate and registered nurse will do what he does.

I wish though for our government to come up with employment programs for our nurses and not only for nurses but for many Filipinos as well.

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  1. I hope that the government will be able to provide better job opportunities not only for nurses but for all Filipinos.


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