Monday, January 3, 2011

New beginnings, changes, home and a pet

This year brings a lot of changes for me and the husband. One of the major change is that we're moving and will really start living on our own. No housemates, just the two of us, for that part I am excited.

And maybe it's time for us to get a pet, my husband is an animal lover, dog or cat or birds or fish, he loves them all and for sure he would want to have one. He actually wants a dog last year but I declined because I have to consider other people in the house. Now I might say yes.

And even if we don't have that space on the house that we're going to move in, at least we can buy dog crates online. I just hope it's not that expensive. I know that having pets at home somewhat lessen the stress, and I guess it's just right for me who's always tired from whole days work. Oh and I read online that provigil is good for tiredness, haven't tried it though.

Indeed, I expect more changes in the way we live this year. I expect changes in our sleeping and eating habits. I also expect changes in the way we handle our finances. I hope and pray that all of this will really happen and that we would live a better life this year, much much better that 2010.

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