Monday, January 24, 2011

Faith and Bible Prophecy

For three Sundays of January, our Pastor preached about “Faith” , of course not forgetting to tell the story of men in the bible whose faith in the Lord is extra ordinary. Like Abraham who had faith in the Lord who promised him when he is already 70 years old that he’ll be the father of all nations and that his sons and daughters will be as numerous as the stars in the sky. I believe we should all have faith like that. Believing the things that we have yet to see and knowing in our heart that it will happen someday.
And he also mentioned persons not in the bible but had faith determination to finish and be succesfull in what they do. And I want that “faith determination” too.
Someday soon our dream will come true.
Anyways, if you are a christian and is looking for some good reading materials, or you may want to read about Bible Prophecy, has many titles available, I think his Salt and Light book is very interesting as it is design for equipping the Christians on the last days, they also have “The day that changed America” which I believe not only Christian America should read.
But right now, I am also looking for some DVBS materials that we could use for the kids this summer and I need also training materials for the new Sunday School teachers we will train next month.

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