Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday or Valentine gift

My birthday happens on the same month that we celebrate Valentines day. And ever since we got married and even when we were still engaged I never get any valentine's gift because my birthday comes first and that's pretty fine with me. I never had a problem with that. It really doesn't matter.

This year, I know for sure I'll never get any material gift for my birthday because of the all time gift I had last Christmas and because we have a bigger project this year. But I am considering the trip (mission's conference to Singapore) as a birthday gift to me also. We're going a day after my birthday.

However, looking at just a while ago, made me wish I could ask for even one personalized gift for my birthday. But it's okay, I'll make sure I'll get one next year when all the major major expenses are not so major anymore. :)

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