Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random posts

~It's 2:39 AM and here I am still reading a lipofuze review and also iPad clone tablet reviews which sells so cheap compared to the real one. I think I want that for my self this Christmas but I will not decide yet. I don't need the real and expensive one and honestly I can't afford it so when I saw that I can buy something "like" that..I got interested.

~ I finally saw the Leoncios (friends from Georgia) today and  it feels good to see them, the kids are here for the first time. Liah is such a cute girl. Sad that the youngest is sick and will not be able to attend his birthday celebration at Jollibee tomorrow. Wrong timing tigdas.

~ The Bibu Kids Christmas party was also today. It was tiring for sure but very well worth it. (separate post will be in our ministry blog)

~ It's first Sunday of December today _ meaning communion day so I guess I have to sleep now so I can be at the church early tomorrow morning err..later

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