Thursday, December 30, 2010

House and scrubs

Everyone is in the new year's celebration mood already except me who is still at work and up to now has still no plans about new year's eve. I don't even know where to spend it. Home or sister's home are my options but if the lazy me strikes again we might stay home and do nothing (well, not really nothing, we might do a dvd marathon)
We were out last night looking for house to rent, we inquired and checked one or two houses but nothing definite yet. How I wish it is as easy as choosing medical unifroms like picking one from the many lines of nursing scrubs on sale from They have cool and stylish designs, you know those type of doctor scrubs that doesn't look ordinary.
I refused to get stressed by the fact that we do not have some place to go to in two weeks. It's new year and I want to have that celebrataory mood too. And by that, I guess I have to start planning what to cook on new years eve. :)

Happy new year everyone!

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