Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rachel's Barbie dolls

She has few doll houses too. And I think what's in the picture is what's left of her dolls because although she loves barbie and she loves playing with it like a typical child she end up removing all the body parts of the doll. She also had a barbie party on her 7th birthday. She's turning 9 next year and I know soon she'll get over the doll thing, I just hope she will still love girly stuff because I love to give her girly stuff. Being the first niece in the family somehow made her special to everyone of us. This coming Christmas I still don't have a gift for her but for sure it will not be some kind of muscle builders. if ever, that's for my eldest nephew who is a tweener now.

I still think I would give her another doll this year so she'll have one more to enjoy before she turn another year older.

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