Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving again

I am readying my self for another big change happening to us next year as we are schedule to leave the current apartment we are renting and move on to wherever we can find a nice but cheaper place. And I say again that CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. I am sure gonna miss this house. Although the surroundings can be noisy at times, like last night when the neighbor partied all night long with loud karaoke machine playing till I guess 2 AM.

But apart from incidents like that, I have learn to love this place, it's very near from my office, from my favorite supermarket and from our church. Plus, it's safe.

But as I have said, change is expected and we are embracing that come February next year. My only prayer is that we could find a place that is quiet and safe but will not cost me my whole month salary. God bless us in our search for our next community.

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