Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preparing for Tacloban trip

Checklist / things to do

It’s only 4 days before we leave and yet I haven’t done anything yet. So I am taking this note to remind my self of the things I have to do. Not that it’s a grand trip and we don’t even need a ncstar binoculars but just want to be ready.

1. Look for cheap but nice hotel to stay in for at least two nights. (I’ve been searching actually but haven’t decided yet.
2. Draft our travel itinerary ( don’t want to depend on the husband even if it is his
3. Separate stuff to pack in the traveling bag
4. Buy shades (lost mine a month ago)
5. Check weather for the next five days in Tacloban
6. Check/Search about Tacloban Airport (at least get my self familiar)

Got to make my self excited :)

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