Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inspirational Bible Verses

Am always on the look out for inspirational bible verses, and I do love sharing them in social network sites thus inspiring others too. I love reading christian blogs, reading testimonies, stories about faith of people you do not even know really inspires me. There is this one lady who had cancer while pregnant, it's amazing How God healed her and delivered her from the sickness and now the baby is almost 3 years old. Connecting with other Christian women on the online world has help me in my journey of faith. Sharing thoughts about particular bible scenes, encouraging each other and praying with each other. Internet and blogging has opened new friendship for every individual and for someone like me, it is a blessing to have christian inspirational available every time you need one.


  1. im not a christian but i've read some verses or seen some verses and they are indeed inspirational. :)

  2. Our love for God is also manifested in seeking His word, and I am encouraging you to do that. My faith has grown when I deliberately searched for everything I need to know about God and His laws....and I never stop seeking.
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    God bless you.


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