Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cellphones for sale :

When we were scouting for houses to rent last year, I was directed to I thought I’ll only see house for sale there because it was a buy and sell site. But nope, I also saw a lot of houses and condos for rent. Compare to other sites, you’ll find theirs easy to navigate, like for example, if you want to see houses available, you can tick the box that will bring you exactly to pages you want, it says : for rent : for sale : or wanted to rent thus filtering the search pages for you. I find it hard when they all mixed up together when I only need to see those up for rent.

Now that hubby and I are looking for cheap gadgets, am looking for cheap cellphones for sale actually. I feel I need to change my super old model cellphone now. When I say old, it means it doesn’t even have a camera, not even colored. Just wishing we could buy come December.

Another thing we are thankful for the Internet is stuff like this. It’s so convenient to just browse in the comfort of your home and canvass for the things you need. You can even buy without leaving the house. Of course, as pre caution, you just have to be very careful in dealing with online sellers, there are also bogus and scammers around.

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