Friday, October 22, 2010

BPAP International Outsourcing Summit

I know most of you will agree with me that the boom of the BPO Industry here in the Philippines has brought a lot of job and have help a lot of Filipino families here and in the provinces. I have many friends who work in different call center companies and they are all thankful that at least they were given jobs especially those age were already out of the preferred hiring age of companies today. I just hope companies abroad doing the  outsourcing to the Philippines will continue to do so  because as I have said it is helping the economy of the Philippines, providing more jobs thus improving lives of Filipinos. A lot of businesses has sprouted because of the call center jobs, before, you’ll only see convenience store open for 24 hours but now even fast food chains started offering 24/7 services.

I was once attracted to a call center job but I didn’t have the guts then, but now I will surely consider it if ever I lose my current job.

Anyways, the second annual International Outsourcing Summit is happening  this October 26-27 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza. They’ve lined up great speakers from top companies here and abroad. Sure it will be interesting one. You may visit their official website for more information. 4th Media is a media sponsor and Search Profile Index will also be there.

International Outsourcing Summit

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