Friday, October 29, 2010

Bedroom Fix

I’ve been postponing this for quite some time already. It’s been more than a year since we moved here and our bedroom didn’t change a bit with regards to how the furniture was arranged. And I’ve been thinking to move the bed so I can get more space in the room. I removed two plastic drawers already because I really want a bigger space. Maybe I’ll find time to do it just before Christmas. And hopefully I’ll be able to find some cheap and good bedroom organizers that I can use. Our mattress which is a gift is still in very good condition so I am not in the look out for mattress for sale but instead I would love to avail a very nice and chic closet. Our wardrobes keep on piling up and there is no more space in the built in closet.

But I have to remind my self too that there is always this possibility that we move (again) next year. That’s the problem when you just rent. I just hope we could have our own house soon. Oh my PAGIBIG..I need you!

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