Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In My Womb

And before you think something else..let me get that straight..I am not pregnant..I am just fascinated and amazed by how the ultra sound technology has evolved today. Now you can not only see your unborn child's gender inside your womb but you can record a video and you can actually see his whole feature. isn't that amazing! Like even if he is still inside you can now see who's look alike is he or she.

We watched my friend's video tonight and for about 30 minutes we all gazed in awe how he moves his eyes, his cute little hands, he even opened and closed his palm..and wave it (well maybe not wave but he moved)

It's a little expensive to have that 4D ultra sound for pregnant ladies but i think it's worth it. In My womb is located in Makati and I hope I can afford them when it's my time.

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  1. you will for sure... sayang during my time wala pang 4D hehe =)


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