Monday, September 20, 2010

Books on Sale!!!

I surrounded my self with books today and it's one of those days that how I wish I am rich so I can buy lots and lots of books!. I was able to dragged hubby to Manila International Book Fair at SMX (MOA) this afternoon and I was glad he came. He enjoyed browsing too!
But of course..I enjoyed my loots too!
3 for 100
99 each
20.00 each
50.00 each
and this big alphabet poster (or floor puzzle daw) is 5.00 only

I went there because I wanted to buy some gifts for Christmas but ended up buying for personal reading..hehe. Sana maulit muli :)


  1. kelan nagstart to sis?
    ang saya mo naman, nainggit ako sa loots mo :)

  2. Wow, for years I have always wanted to go to this Book Fair. But it always turns out I have other more important things to do on those days. (sigh)...
    Good for you! Can I borrow some of your books? hehehehe


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