Thursday, September 30, 2010

Health Care Jobs

I read from a news article the other day that the Philippines have over supply of nurses. I wonder why and how because I think health care jobs are so in demand right now, just a quick look at medical job sites and you'll see. Or maybe in demand abroad but not here. At least if they apply and get hired abroad, they'll earn more than what they could earn from here. Even if US dollar is not that strong anymore it is still much bigger compare to the Philippine peso.

vacation next week!

I've been working hard lately so I think I deserve a vacation. We are off to Tacloban  (my husband's home province) next week, not that it is a grand vacation where we will be billeted with the best hotel but at least one with a good bed and bath would be fine. And a working bathroom sink of course is a must. I've been looking online and I think I know where to book already. Hope to accomplish that before the weekends.And since we are going for a vacation, no more purchases for me and the husband not even the one with discount area rugs we saw on sale from the mall last week. :)



When buying a certain product do you give a lot of consideration about the warranty? I think we all should right? I hate it when you buy something and it was broken and then you found out the warranty does not cover it. It happened to us when we bought our industrial fan last December. We paid and bought new replacement for the broken part and to think it has only been bought less than a month ago that time. Good thing it was only an electric fan, not such big item. But what if it is something big? Better be safe.

A lot of manufacturers and distributor of consumer goods actually offer warranty to their products only if you buy them from an authorized seller, like the best radar detector, you can get one that is cheaper from different online sellers but warranty does not apply to such. And to an item like that you better buy from authorized dealer. Avoid hassle and head ache.

Dig a lawyers mind

It's a long day work again from the office and it’s extra tough today because we were literally forced to think as a lawyer, defense or prosecutor. It was not easy, though I remember when I was young I used to dream of becoming a lawyer someday. One who does help the poor who can’t afford to hire a lawyer. But I didn’t like the additional years of studying so I said goodbye to that dream. Now, I’m experiencing to be like one, well not like a Texas truck accident lawyer, or the overrated lawyer with the highly sensational case but just the same, we are sort of doing some attorney’s job.

I just hope this kind of work will soon be over and we will all move on to another. A concert maybe? Or an event? Or anything but nothing to do with the trial court please.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guestbook Idea

Tired of the ordinary guest book you see in weddings or parties? You want something unique? Well, this guest book tree is nice! We will actually try to do to do this in one of my friend's wedding come February. I forgot where we saw this photo (google for sure) but I forgot the exact site so I do not know whom to give credit..(sorry for that) but it's not mine. I just fell in love with this idea.

Baby Announcement!

I’ll be getting two birth announcements for next two months. A friend is due to give birth next month, to a baby boy, she’s on her 36thweek now and another one on November to a baby girl!. boom within my group of friends huh? It’s a shame though that when we are all together and seated together like last night, I also look pregnant like them. Lol. How I wish though that I was but alas I am not. I am just plain big. Hehe

I hope it’s my time soon. I’m excited to make my own birth announcement and prepare for my own kid’s birthday party. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Work Talks

I’m home, resting and working at the same time. How I would love to be like this always. At home and yet working but I’ll be patient. I know in the future I will not just wait for a suspension or a day off from work for me to get some rest and work at the same time.

I’ve been working since I was 18 years old even when I was still a student and didn’t have to rest even right after college. I have been in the academe world for at least 6 years and in the corporate world for at least 11 years now. And you can say I am tired.

I worked in the telecommunication industry which is very short (four months) and then moved to horse industry where we process importation of live horses, we do sell also horse medicines and horse tack. Everything about horse I must say.

Now, my present job being an assistant to a boss who owns several businesses from different industries. I’m kind of I do not have a specific job. All I know is I had to assist to whatever my boss needs regardless of any company he owns needs it.

On the other hand, I am glad I have work and that I have a steady income monthly, some are having a hard time finding job especially in this trying times.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Small business-Online payment

As you all know my dear readers, me and my husband have small part time business that gives us extra earnings from time to time. I am praying that next year, this will not be part time anymore but I am wishing it will be the major source of our income. It is not easy but we are slowly getting there. Printing and party organizing will be our bread and butter soon. I am keeping the faith and my hopes high here.

As I have said it is not easy, but then again, every successful business started from small and they didn’t start with a breeze. For now, we are still struggling with finances and the capital but we are coping up. I am learning and it’s good.

I have now made contact with different suppliers and most of them I’m dealing online, so internet is one major part of the business. And I keep on searching for easy payment solutions when it comes to paying. I prefer paying online because it’s faster and hassle free. There are many online payment mode or banking type now over the net and it is really an advantage to those who have businesses. One supplier I met does not accept online payment so it’s quite hard to order with them because it means I still have to go out and deposit to their bank account. Waste of time I should say but it’s how it goes for them.

Anyways, I really wish for our small business to thrive and grow next year.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Books on Sale!!!

I surrounded my self with books today and it's one of those days that how I wish I am rich so I can buy lots and lots of books!. I was able to dragged hubby to Manila International Book Fair at SMX (MOA) this afternoon and I was glad he came. He enjoyed browsing too!
But of course..I enjoyed my loots too!
3 for 100
99 each
20.00 each
50.00 each
and this big alphabet poster (or floor puzzle daw) is 5.00 only

I went there because I wanted to buy some gifts for Christmas but ended up buying for personal reading..hehe. Sana maulit muli :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ref magnet

I am now into Photoshop. And though I know I have to learn more about it, I am proud that I was able to finish some design for ref magnets last week. I will spend more time with it and I'm sure I'll be able to do more with the help of my husband of course. I think we should be both knowledgeable with so if ever one of us is not around or available we can still continue working.

And yes, you heard it right, we are now making acrylic ref magnets, perfect for souvenirs during birthdays and weddings or anniversaries, it's very useful pa. Sample of our work below.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food, food and food

Forgive me for making you drool (even with a not so good photos) but that’s what I have been eating since Friday. Chicken and pasta galore and potatoes! Please give me an Appetite suppressant diet pills so I could stop the binging. I think I can still eat mojos and baked potatoes and chicken all week! And tomorrow we will be dining out at Soms (Thai Food). Oh gosh. This food tripping has to stop.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mahal!!

Happy Birthday mahal, And as a gift to you today- I am renewing the vows I made to the Lord and to you on our wedding day. I want you to know that it will be forever true to my heart! Love you so much!


Narito ang aking mga kamay masdan mo upang makita mo ang kanilang mga regalo sa’yo. 

Ito ang kamay ng iyong matalik na kaibigan,na humahawak sa kamay mo ngayong araw ng ating pag-iisang dibdib habang ipinapangako ko sa’yo ang aking pagibig at pagtatalaga ng aking sarili sa lahat ng araw ng aking buhay.

Ito ang mga kamay na hahawak ng maingat at ng buong pagmamahal sa ating mga magiging anak, aaliw at magpapagaan sa kanilang kalooban sa mga oras ng karamdaman at sakit, susuporta at magpapalakas ng kanilang loob sa kanilang pag laki at magbibigay laya sa kanila sa tamang panahon.

Ito ang mga kamay na mag aalis ng iyong pagod at magbibigay sa’yo ng kaaliwan pag ikaw ay may karamdaman at makikiramay sa’yo sa panahong ika’y magdadalamhati.

Ito ang mga kamay na hahawak sa’yo ng mahigpit sa pagdaan natin sa mga pagsubok sa buhay may asawa, mga kamay na hahawak sa’yo ng may kagalakan at pag-asa,magmamahal at mag-aalaga sa’yo sa pagdaan ng bawat panahon.

Ito ang mga kamay na susuporta at mag e-encourage sa’yo para abutin ang iyong mga panaginip.

Ito ang mga kamay na magsisislbing patunay ng aking pag-ibig bilang saksi sa iyong buhay.

At sa ating sumpaan saksi natin ang Panginoon.

Today is HIS birthday

Today is my dearest husband's birthday. I have no special gift to him and I was terribly sorry for that, we had a small celebration last Friday and we will have dinner tomorrow night with friends and today I did not work and spent the whole day with I guess that made up for me not having a special gift for him. We had a movie date and a dinner at Shakey's. Happiness indeed can not be measured by how much money you have in your pocket.

The birthday celebrant and me :) never mind the dirty faces that needs the best acne products available in store. That's what riding in a motorbikes does. :( But then again..we are happy!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beach Vacation

I seriously need a very good beach vacation right now. Can I stay in this place like for two weeks? or For EVER? anyways, this photo was taken last 2008 during our first trip to Pagudpud, Ilocos Sur. I fell in love with the beach and I miss it terribly.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In My Womb

And before you think something else..let me get that straight..I am not pregnant..I am just fascinated and amazed by how the ultra sound technology has evolved today. Now you can not only see your unborn child's gender inside your womb but you can record a video and you can actually see his whole feature. isn't that amazing! Like even if he is still inside you can now see who's look alike is he or she.

We watched my friend's video tonight and for about 30 minutes we all gazed in awe how he moves his eyes, his cute little hands, he even opened and closed his palm..and wave it (well maybe not wave but he moved)

It's a little expensive to have that 4D ultra sound for pregnant ladies but i think it's worth it. In My womb is located in Makati and I hope I can afford them when it's my time.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free Search Engine and Social Media Webinar

Internet Use, Search, Social Media Statistics Philippines 2010 from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Search Profile Index will be having a free webinar on September 9. It is called Search Engine and Social Media Marketing webinar. So if you are a new blogger, a website owner and is interested in learning about social media marketing or what is search engine you might want to join that and besides it’s free.

There will also be a “Sales Tactics Using Search Engine and Social Media Marketing workshop” to be held in Ateneo Rockwell on September 28 to 30. This workshop is a must for business owner, those who sell online ( a lot of my friend do sell a lot of stuff on facebook) Social media has come a long way since it was developed. A lot of new entrepreneurs are being successful in putting their business on different social media platforms like multiply,  facebook, friendster and now twitter.
As a matter of fact, I am also now preparing for the facebook page I will be creating for our t-shirt printing and souvenir shop. I am hoping to gain more exposure and more clients buy putting that page. It is not easy but eventually it will pay off.

So having this kind of seminar and workshop is essential in this modern world. I’m sure a lot will benefit from this.

Friday, September 3, 2010

HE is good :)

God has always been so good to me and my husband since the day we got married.

And even if we are still waiting for the special gift (baby) that He has yet to give us, that doesn’t changed His goodness. Even if we lack a lot of things that this world considers as necessities, He is still good to us.

Nothing can ever change the fact that GOD is so good.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And so this is Christmas

September is here. 4 months to go before Christmas but you won't believe me, some have started their Christmas countdown today (yesterday actually because it's already 1:00 AM) And radio stations started playing Christmas songs! And I know it won't be long. Christmas is just around the corner.

I've few things to look forward too this December. A very good friend from America is coming home with the kiddos and I can't wait to see them.

But I have few reasons not to rushed Christmas too.


And we all know that. SO before it comes I hope our pockets are ready.

To tell you honestly, buying gifts for family and friends always excites me. So it's good to be ready and start early. Though I always end up buying most of the gifts the last minute, still I enjoy it. Now, it would be easier because I am thinking of buying personalized gifts online. I've already finished designing one. In between reading the term life insurance quotes and playing games at facebook, I managed to finished one today.

How about you? When do you plan to start buying gifts? Would you order online too?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To do list

I am happy that I only have a four day work for this week because of the holiday last Monday. And I am even considering of taking a leave of absence on Friday for my nephew's first birthday. But before I can do that, I have to finish all my pending tasks in the office, especially the renewal of my boss' auto insurance which expired last month. And another car is due for registration this month. So I have to prepare all the documents needed this week. With that I am writing my to do list so I won't forget anything come Friday.

1. Get hold of the insurance policy of the Fortuner from THA
2. Innova Registration
3. Payment for Association dues (Rockwell)
4. Finish the document checklist for hearing
5. Prepare/Send draft

I know I can finish this before the work week ends. :)

Expendables night

As you have read below, I let hubby chose the movie and my guess is right. And I do not regret giving him the right to chose because I enjoyed it too. Enjoyed meaning I did not fall asleep because it was an action packed movie. And the sound won't let you sleep

I didn't know it was also directed by Sylvester Stallone himself. I was never a fan,a s a matter of fact I do not remember watching any of his movies. Old as he is now but this one is good I must say.