Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding / Birthday / Party Favors

Looking for party favors for any occasions? here's what we have been given for several birthdays and weddings and parties from my part.

For my friends baby shower, we gave out towel lollipops which I personally made. I am actually thinking of towel cupcake but I only have little time.

For my nephews first birthday, we will be giving our acrylic ref magnets, which I will also DIY. And it will cost me half of the price we paid for the ref magnets using magnetic sheets.

A personalized tumbler is also a nice favor. For sporty people,a personalized baseball bats is a great idea!

I saw also a customized woven bag with the birthday celebrant picture printed in it. it's so nice.

And all of these- I am making soon! As me and hubby will be investing in some printing machine that makes all of this kind of printing. Excited!

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