Friday, August 27, 2010

Planning a trip to SAGADA

It has been 4 years ago since we had our first trip here. My friends are suggesting if we can go back and spend another holiday there (probably new year which made me search for our pictures way back then. Sagada is beautiful and I hope it still is. With all the commercialism happened in Baguio I do not know if Sagada's spared.
The beautiful Banaue rice terraces

It was a long trip- our way was from Manila to Banaue. We spend a night there and then traveled to Sagada the next day (afterlunch). It was another four hour trip. And to tell you frankly it is not a smooth trip. Very rough and not so wide road, very dangerous but tourists enjoyed it. Some even choose to ride on top of the jeepney to see the spectacular view.
And they say it's worth the risk ( but I don't think so because I'm scared of height)
See the fog? It was indeed foggy and it is so cold. We rented a whole log house that is so beautiful. It was new then and one more good thing about the house? it has a very good fireplace which we enjoyed much! Every night we gathered around that fireplace, we played games and we shared stories. Good times. I just wished though that there were outdoor fireplaces because I can't go out of the house due to cold weather.
My brother in law enjoying the fireplace by himself!
and us of course! (I tell you we've added tons of pounds after 4 years of being married..ugh)
Clear water from the Sumaguing cave

So, do I want to go again to Sagada? The answer is yes!!


  1. hai i wish i could go there... it's one of my dream destinations!

  2. What a beautiful place Rocks and it really looks like you had a great time too. I love the mountains very much. I would love to visit here too. I like the fog on the mountain and the coolness in the air.

    Thanks for sharing your very best vacation. :)


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