Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Change is inevitable. So I guess I have to accept it

Or at least I have to ready myself for it.

Changes in environment, changes in lifestyle, and changes of people you talk to almost everyday of your life.

I’m counting the days. Me and hubby are counting the days and yes, we’re afraid but we can’t wait for the CHANGE.”

That was quoted from my own post dated March 2, 2009

And yes it’s true, I dreaded change. I am one of the few person who would rather stay with what she is comfortable with than to change. But guess what? Whether we like it or not, change has to happen at one point in our life. We graduate from high school, from college, we get our first job, we moved from our parents’ house, we get married, we have children and all of those are major change in an individual. As the saying goes “the only permanent in this world is change”.

And so I welcomed the big change in our married life last August 2010. It was not an easy decision but nevertheless, we welcomed and embraced it. With the goldilocks store in front of our office building, I shove the fear away with each bite of sweet cinnamon bread (my favorite) and of course with a lot of prayers.

My husband being a church missionary lived in the mission’s house and when I married him, they’ve given us our own room in the house. For three years, we live there with free water and electricity and of course no rental fee. I could say we were in our comfort zone for three years.

Change is always accompanied with pains but most of the time, it’s worth it. We moved out of the mission’s house and rented our own place where we have to pay for everything. It might sound a bad decision but it was not. As I have said I welcome the change and surprisingly loved it.

Like Goldilocks, we change to give room for improvement, for a better service. If you change for all the right reason then there’s nothing to worry about. I love how the old goldilocks gave way for the new “goldilocks” I am sure leaving it left a painful memory but it is worth it especially if the new one is BETTER.

I love our new “home” and yes it is BETTER.


  1. congrats on your new home, sis. enjoy! :)

  2. eloquent.greatly put. congrats to your brand new visit my entry sometime too at kaye!


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