Saturday, August 28, 2010

I have never wear

 sexy costumes in my whole life because of the fact that I do not consider my self sexy. Even during my younger years I have always been on the heavy side. The best daring (naks!) I wore way back then was a mini skirt which was an office uniform. And even if I am married now, I still can not carry my self to wear sexy lingerie or sleep wear to which a friend who gave me a t-back underwear on my bridal shower (4 years goodness!) is frustrated because I never get myself to wear it until now.

I do not know if it is wrong because you know even if we are already married we still have to exert effort to look beautiful in our husband's eyes right? But I'm quite secured with my place in my husbands heart. yes, he's encouraging me to lose weight but not to look sexy but more for the health reasons.And I couldn't agree more.

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