Monday, August 30, 2010

Electricity Bill

Our bill for this month just came today and I can't believe when I saw how much. I think it was an all time high for us. I just do not understand why it is much higher than last month when we have my 2 nephews at home? I asked the husband to checked  of our usage but I so agree that we didn't add something that would cause the bill to shoot up. In fact I was even expecting a much lower bill because we've lessen the usage since my nephews went back home already. And I know that even if I look at that bill for the whole day, it will not change. I just have to accept the truth that we will be paying that amount that is as high as diamonds can be. That's an exaggeration of course.

Now, I've told husband to carefully watch everything we use. Since the bill date started anew, we will observed if it would go lower next month.

For the meantime, we will be cutting back on our DVD marathons, the PC usage, and whatever that is not necessary.

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