Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dreaming of home again

So it’s final. We are not moving from our present house, not in the next few months but who knows when? For now I am going to settle my mind off that moving scene and focus on what we have and what we can do.

The thought of having our own home is still very much in me, I am still dreaming of going home to a place we can call our own someday. And I know that dream will come true. We just have to wait.

And I would love to fill that home with lots of photos from our trips. I have so far framed a few of them but hubby is still taking his time hanging them. I would also love to have wood furniture, you know like the ones we stayed in Bataan? I love the look of rustic furniture more so if it is made of wood.

I would also love to have my own little garden, not that I have a green thumb but I love the thought of going out in that garden every morning and see plants grows and flowers bloom.

I know..I know.. I will have my own house someday soon. I

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