Monday, August 2, 2010


I went out with friends last night and I realized I haven't been out with friends for quite sometime now, it's always been me, hubby and my the two nephews. And I also realized how I needed that time out.

We had dinner at Som's Noodle House (my first time there) and  I must say I enjoyed the food so much. The shrimp rice is superb. I think I can eat it alone and I'll be more than satisfied.

But the best thing is being able to chat and talk with someone whom you know you're going trough the same thing. Discussing work and changes and fears and plans and motivations and everything. And top it with my favorite caramel macchiato coffee. That's sound so perfectly nice.

Well, good thing also is we didn't just talk and chat about work, about how we already lost the passion (I guess you can relate if you're like me who's been working with document management system and being an EA for at least 10 years now) and moving on but we also planned someone's baby shower.Though I guess the planning was just an excuse to have a late night coffee.

I know I needed that late night coffee break.

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  1. right. which reminds me... i think i need one too, soon :)


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