Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Gift Ideas for husband

I still have 19 days to go to scout for a nice gift to my dear husband. Of course I am still hoping for the Ipod, if I can’t buy him that now probably I’ll save that for this Christmas. Good thing my husband doesn’t read this blog often otherwise I’ve already spoiled the surprise.

Do you have any birthday gift ideas for a husband? The kind of stuff that will not cost me my whole life but something he’ll appreciate. A polo shirt is a good one. What about a long sleeve polo and then I’ll look around for mens ties and see If I can find a good match. He can use that to church I guess.

Why is it so hard to look for a good gift to men, the very opposite of us girls.

Ideas please…

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  1. oo nga! kahit nga clothes lang mahirap pa ring pumili... i suggest a watch. could be a sports watch or a simple wrist watch for daily use. at least yun kahit saan sya mapunta, dala-dala nya.


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