Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Date with the husband tonight

I am so looking forward for a movie date with the husband tonight. And also I am allowing him to choose what movie we are going to see. Although I have a hint now-Expendables it is.

I just wish we have more time so we can stroll the mall because I want to check women's dresses at the ladies department. He knows I need new tops already.

It’s been a long time since we went out for a date. The last one was the Air Supply Concert .I am also excited for the dinner after the movie :)

I can’t wait for the office hour to be over.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Electricity Bill

Our bill for this month just came today and I can't believe when I saw how much. I think it was an all time high for us. I just do not understand why it is much higher than last month when we have my 2 nephews at home? I asked the husband to checked  of our usage but I so agree that we didn't add something that would cause the bill to shoot up. In fact I was even expecting a much lower bill because we've lessen the usage since my nephews went back home already. And I know that even if I look at that bill for the whole day, it will not change. I just have to accept the truth that we will be paying that amount that is as high as diamonds can be. That's an exaggeration of course.

Now, I've told husband to carefully watch everything we use. Since the bill date started anew, we will observed if it would go lower next month.

For the meantime, we will be cutting back on our DVD marathons, the PC usage, and whatever that is not necessary.

Wedding Gown Inspiration

This is an inspiration for my friend's wedding gown and since the lace is expensive she's thinking if she can use chiffon instead. I like it! It is so nice. Having the green grass and trees as background is awesome too! And because hers is also a garden wedding we are hoping we can get good pictures too.

We also have the designs for her entourage but unfortunately I do not have the pictures. Tangerine is her wedding color, at first she’s hesitating but when she saw nice dresses in the internet she’s settled for it. We also browsed at different prom dresses and formal dresses to see if she’d like something. I also loved all the designs she have chosen. I just hope the dressmaker will also do well.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Very Rare Personality

Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP)

Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men

You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.

Promoting your business

Thinking of other ways to promote your business? Besides going online and making facebook page or a multiply page for your business you can also distribute brochures in malls or in any public areas for your prospective clients who do not have an access to Internet all the time. You may also insert it to a newspaper which is far cheaper than actually advertising in the newspaper itself.

Other ways to distribute your brochure are to insert in cars on the parking areas. You can also have door hangers and hang them on hotels/apartelles/hostels.

As early as now, I am already doing research on how can we promote our small business. Marketing it right will bring us clients and therefore bringing us income.

Putting up the small business

Yes, we are seriously planning to finally put up the printing business soon. Our goal is to have the small printing machines before this year ends. And also finish the paper work few months from now. I have already filled-up the DTI application online and there is still a lot of stuff to do before we can say we’re going full blast next year. I do not know if we need business credit reports for the application of licenses though.

I am trying not to loan anything for this business but if we feel we need too I might try but of course I am trying to be positive.

And I know for this business to succeed, we need to focus and devote our time so I guess it would be the time I'll finally be leaving the corporate world. To which I am sure I will not miss.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding / Birthday / Party Favors

Looking for party favors for any occasions? here's what we have been given for several birthdays and weddings and parties from my part.

For my friends baby shower, we gave out towel lollipops which I personally made. I am actually thinking of towel cupcake but I only have little time.

For my nephews first birthday, we will be giving our acrylic ref magnets, which I will also DIY. And it will cost me half of the price we paid for the ref magnets using magnetic sheets.

A personalized tumbler is also a nice favor. For sporty people,a personalized baseball bats is a great idea!

I saw also a customized woven bag with the birthday celebrant picture printed in it. it's so nice.

And all of these- I am making soon! As me and hubby will be investing in some printing machine that makes all of this kind of printing. Excited!

I have never wear

 sexy costumes in my whole life because of the fact that I do not consider my self sexy. Even during my younger years I have always been on the heavy side. The best daring (naks!) I wore way back then was a mini skirt which was an office uniform. And even if I am married now, I still can not carry my self to wear sexy lingerie or sleep wear to which a friend who gave me a t-back underwear on my bridal shower (4 years ago..my goodness!) is frustrated because I never get myself to wear it until now.

I do not know if it is wrong because you know even if we are already married we still have to exert effort to look beautiful in our husband's eyes right? But I'm quite secured with my place in my husbands heart. yes, he's encouraging me to lose weight but not to look sexy but more for the health reasons.And I couldn't agree more.


"Change is inevitable. So I guess I have to accept it

Or at least I have to ready myself for it.

Changes in environment, changes in lifestyle, and changes of people you talk to almost everyday of your life.

I’m counting the days. Me and hubby are counting the days and yes, we’re afraid but we can’t wait for the CHANGE.”

That was quoted from my own post dated March 2, 2009

And yes it’s true, I dreaded change. I am one of the few person who would rather stay with what she is comfortable with than to change. But guess what? Whether we like it or not, change has to happen at one point in our life. We graduate from high school, from college, we get our first job, we moved from our parents’ house, we get married, we have children and all of those are major change in an individual. As the saying goes “the only permanent in this world is change”.

And so I welcomed the big change in our married life last August 2010. It was not an easy decision but nevertheless, we welcomed and embraced it. With the goldilocks store in front of our office building, I shove the fear away with each bite of sweet cinnamon bread (my favorite) and of course with a lot of prayers.

My husband being a church missionary lived in the mission’s house and when I married him, they’ve given us our own room in the house. For three years, we live there with free water and electricity and of course no rental fee. I could say we were in our comfort zone for three years.

Change is always accompanied with pains but most of the time, it’s worth it. We moved out of the mission’s house and rented our own place where we have to pay for everything. It might sound a bad decision but it was not. As I have said I welcome the change and surprisingly loved it.

Like Goldilocks, we change to give room for improvement, for a better service. If you change for all the right reason then there’s nothing to worry about. I love how the old goldilocks gave way for the new “goldilocks” I am sure leaving it left a painful memory but it is worth it especially if the new one is BETTER.

I love our new “home” and yes it is BETTER.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Riding toys - a nice birthday gift!

My youngest nephew is turning one also on September. The husband designed his birthday invitation with Barney and Pooh (his favorite so far) and this Saturday I am going to Divisoria (flea market) with his mom to buy some birthday stuff, items for the loot bags, for the pabitin and for the prizes. It would be exciting and fun birthday I am sure

But, I also want to give him a riding toy, kids love to play with wheels and cars. power wheels from kidswheel.com are so nice! I would really love to give them to my 2 young nephews. And I am sure he would love this :

What do you think?

Planning a trip to SAGADA

It has been 4 years ago since we had our first trip here. My friends are suggesting if we can go back and spend another holiday there (probably new year which made me search for our pictures way back then. Sagada is beautiful and I hope it still is. With all the commercialism happened in Baguio I do not know if Sagada's spared.
The beautiful Banaue rice terraces

It was a long trip- our way was from Manila to Banaue. We spend a night there and then traveled to Sagada the next day (afterlunch). It was another four hour trip. And to tell you frankly it is not a smooth trip. Very rough and not so wide road, very dangerous but tourists enjoyed it. Some even choose to ride on top of the jeepney to see the spectacular view.
And they say it's worth the risk ( but I don't think so because I'm scared of height)
See the fog? It was indeed foggy and it is so cold. We rented a whole log house that is so beautiful. It was new then and one more good thing about the house? it has a very good fireplace which we enjoyed much! Every night we gathered around that fireplace, we played games and we shared stories. Good times. I just wished though that there were outdoor fireplaces because I can't go out of the house due to cold weather.
My brother in law enjoying the fireplace by himself!
and us of course! (I tell you we've added tons of pounds after 4 years of being married..ugh)
Clear water from the Sumaguing cave

So, do I want to go again to Sagada? The answer is yes!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Gift Ideas for husband

I still have 19 days to go to scout for a nice gift to my dear husband. Of course I am still hoping for the Ipod, if I can’t buy him that now probably I’ll save that for this Christmas. Good thing my husband doesn’t read this blog often otherwise I’ve already spoiled the surprise.

Do you have any birthday gift ideas for a husband? The kind of stuff that will not cost me my whole life but something he’ll appreciate. A polo shirt is a good one. What about a long sleeve polo and then I’ll look around for mens ties and see If I can find a good match. He can use that to church I guess.

Why is it so hard to look for a good gift to men, the very opposite of us girls.

Ideas please…

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A World Cup Baby Shower !

"Think Pink! Think Blue! J-mie is almost due!"
This was our event title at the facebook for my good friends' baby shower last August 15,2010. I searched and searched the internet for a lot of baby shower ideas and I guess together with her sister, we pulled a nice one!

Our theme was : World CUP because according to the Mom, the baby kicks like he is in the football field! and besides the Dad to be is a football fanatic.

We made a baby bib hat served as the guests name tag with the FIFA logo.

We created that bib on a purpose of course, for the cerelac (baby food) eating contest which was FUN!
That's me and hubby. We lost.
Her sister also made a poster depicting Paul the Octopus. This one is so cute!

The DIY diaper cake
The towel lollies I made :) Favors for the guests
If you want to do your own lollies. I blogged it at my rocksdaily blog.
The beautiful preggy girl! It was also her birthday celebration :)
 More pictures!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ipod for the husband (hoping)

My dear husband’s birthday is happening next month, at first I was thinking of throwing a small surprised theme party for him but now I am having a second thought about it. I worry because I only want a small party (for less expenses) but we might end up having 20 or more guests and that for me is not small.

I also thought of just giving him a gift that he really likes and need. A decent music player it is, he always wanted an iPod since it came out but because we don’t have a budget for that, he never insisted. Now, I am really wishing I can give him that, reading ipod reviews helps because I learned that the old ones are way cheaper now than before but it will still be very useful for him. Ipod Nano is still way out of our budget but let’s see.

Me on the other hand want an iTouch but that’s another story.

Anyways, whatever I give him or whatever we does for his birthday, I know he’ll appreciate it with all his heart.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dreaming of home again

So it’s final. We are not moving from our present house, not in the next few months but who knows when? For now I am going to settle my mind off that moving scene and focus on what we have and what we can do.

The thought of having our own home is still very much in me, I am still dreaming of going home to a place we can call our own someday. And I know that dream will come true. We just have to wait.

And I would love to fill that home with lots of photos from our trips. I have so far framed a few of them but hubby is still taking his time hanging them. I would also love to have wood furniture, you know like the ones we stayed in Bataan? I love the look of rustic furniture more so if it is made of wood.

I would also love to have my own little garden, not that I have a green thumb but I love the thought of going out in that garden every morning and see plants grows and flowers bloom.

I know..I know.. I will have my own house someday soon. I

Wordless Wednesday

Busy little miss : checking her to do list
For more wordless entries visit the new WW home

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4th IMMAP Summit 2010

IMMAP – Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines is conducting an event called “The Digital Ripple : 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit ” which will be held on August 19 to 20 at the SMX Convention Center.

If you are into mobile and internet marketing you might find the topics listed below interesting:
Keynote: Branding Strategy Goes Social and Delivers
Digital Advocacy
Integration Delivers Maximum Potential
Digital Thoughts and Trends
Mobile Engagement

There will also be open forums and panel discussions. I’m sure everyone will get to learn something about Internet and mobile marketing. And they have good resource speakers, to name a few : Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group, Maria Ressa of ABS-CBN, Ken Mandel of Yahoo, Angeli Beltran of Dentsu Asia, Jim Ayson of Smart Communications, Rohit Dadwal of Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific, Ltd., Jaime Enrique Yuchengco Gonzalez of IPVG Corp., Robbie Hills, Arnout Mostert, Art Policarpio, TJ Parpan, Jojit Alcaraz, Christian Cadeo and a lot more.

If you are interested you might want to follow IMMAP on facebook , they also have a twitter account and I suggest you follow them so you can get updates from time to time.

This is very timely, internet is at its peak in the Philippines, almost everyone I knew has a facebook account, creating their business page there, and most of my friends are selling stuff online, using the internet for their business.

Search Profile Index by 4th Media Internet Technology Corporation is also an exhibitor in this event.

Monday, August 16, 2010

wow..it's been a week?

I realized I haven’t updated this blog for almost a week now. Probably it’s because I am trying to limit myself off the PC now a days. I noticed that I’ve been spending long hours over the net and I know I have to change otherwise, my sleeping habits will not be normal as before.

So far I’m trying to at least have 6 hours of sleep every night. Better compared to what I have been having for the past few months and weeks.

And because I tried to stay away of the computer during evenings, I have finally finished a new project. It’s good to work with your hands on craft sometimes. I made towel lollies for a friend’s baby shower and I’m gonna post how I made it with pictures here, so watch out for it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kitchen lights

I mentioned in my other blog that I have been cooking for the past week. And because of that I am dreaming a lot about how beautiful my kitchen would be someday. And I think one good thing I really need is a good kitchen lighting, recently ours was broken and we have to replace it with a light that is available in the house and it’s not that good. For that my cooking spirit was dampen (or should I say I had enough of the kitchen already). So whenever we’re at his favorite hardware, I always make it a point to visit the light section. I want to have nice lamps in the house, be it in the kitchen, in the living room especially in the bedroom.

This picture looks similar to what we have in the kitchen now only it is old and doesn't look good as this

I want something like this one in the dining table

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am envious

I envy those wives that need not work but still manage to enjoy things in life. I envy those who can wake up as late as they want and have nothing to worry about.

I envy those who have their own house and have their own yard and gardens and porch, those who can enjoy a cup of coffee sitting in their verandas or having a blast in their own wooden swing set. 

I envy those who can just sit the whole afternoon in front of their TV or play computer games the whole day without worrying about the bills at the end of the month.

I envy those who do not have to take the heat because they can just stay in their air conditioned room everyday.

But then, come to think of it I actually envy NO ONE. Why? because as far as I know no one from the people I personally know live a life like that.

I have rich friends, I have friends that are stay at home wife but even them worries and thinks about the expenses and budget and I am very sure they have their own problems too.

As the saying goes, everyone has his own cross to carry.

You never know, I might be enjoying a swing in my garden soon!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I went out with friends last night and I realized I haven't been out with friends for quite sometime now, it's always been me, hubby and my the two nephews. And I also realized how I needed that time out.

We had dinner at Som's Noodle House (my first time there) and  I must say I enjoyed the food so much. The shrimp rice is superb. I think I can eat it alone and I'll be more than satisfied.

But the best thing is being able to chat and talk with someone whom you know you're going trough the same thing. Discussing work and changes and fears and plans and motivations and everything. And top it with my favorite caramel macchiato coffee. That's sound so perfectly nice.

Well, good thing also is we didn't just talk and chat about work, about how we already lost the passion (I guess you can relate if you're like me who's been working with document management system and being an EA for at least 10 years now) and moving on but we also planned someone's baby shower.Though I guess the planning was just an excuse to have a late night coffee.

I know I needed that late night coffee break.