Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rest house

This is the house we stayed in at Mariveles, Bataan. Simple and quiet. I so love the place and the furniture. I wish someday I'll have one like this and of course I hope it's beside the mountain and near the beach. perfect location!
 the stairs going to the mezzanine and bedroom

The dining table..I love it!

and this is so front of the house

everyone love to sit here!
and most of all..the rooftop, from here you'll see the ocean and the mountain
that's my husband probably composing a song :)

 Now, i think i should stop dreaming about the house I want and start reading about inogen oxygen concentrator.

Good night everyone!!!


  1. ^_^ i love the love seat... so classic...and the sofa is so cool, the color combination of the pillows are great

  2. Zh3en22 - it is indeed a beautiful house!


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