Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project: Closet Space

Do you need closet space? I do. I am tired of seeing our closet that looks like junk and I know to organize it I will surely need powers and extra strength. Hope I can do it this weekend. Anyways, I searched the internet to look for some closet saving tips and here's what I've found. (tips from

1. 2 Year Rule- I have clothes I have not wear for more than 2 years now so I guess I have to let go of my sentimental side and just let it go. I need that space.

2. Get rid of anything that doesn't belong there in your closet - That I have to check because I think everything that's in there at the moment belongs there but I'll see this weekend.

3. Remove empty hangers from the closet rod - :) Guess what? half of our closet rod contains empty hangers.

4. Utilize the back of a closet door to store shoes, belts, jewelry and other accessories.- I already did that.

It's a big work for me who is not so homebody but nobody will do it except me. At least I won't be needing hydroxycut or any diet pills because I'll surely lose some pounds there.

happy Organizing to me!

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