Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marriage counseling

Last night I stayed up late with a friend I am helping with the wedding preparation and I somewhat ended up “counseling” her about marriage life. Well, most of the things I said were also from the counseling sessions we had before our wedding and of course most are from personal experience such as how important it is to spend quality time together.

Which made me wonder, is being married for four years enough for me to be able to counsel and have a say about married life? I guess no because even if it’s been four years, I can still feel we are just starting and that we are still on the process of learning about married life.

Well, as I have said, I ended up “counseling” her and from the looks of it I thinks she learned something from the conversation and hopefully I imparted some good points about getting married and all.

For my married readers, how long have you been married? Do you find yourself sometimes counseling others who are getting married or those who are newlyweds?

Did you have counseling sessions too before getting married? Wanna share some tips for those who are getting married?

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