Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog and pregnancy issues

Wow! It's been 5 days since my last post. Looks like I've neglected the blog huh? but of course not. It's just that I do not have anything special to write about. Well, I did some short but very personal posts in my other blog and you might want to check it sometime.

But since this was our wedding blog, I refrain from posting such personal feelings that only includes my emotion. As much as possible, all I want to write here are about weddings, marital issues, household topics, health, our journey to pregnancy and the like.

Oh..I guess I should have not mentioned pregnancy, because I admit. I'm at the end already. I'm losing hope that I would still be able to get pregnant and that HURTS me MOST. I'm 36, I'm fat, I'm Polycystic which means a lot of hormonal imbalance, and lastly we are not under any treatment right now. So why expect and hope right? I guess not hoping and expecting would somehow ease the burden.

Other than that. I'm fine. We are fine.


  1. hi there sis. ivy here, from now. please don't lose hope. in God's time...

  2. just hung on sis, in God's perfect time.

  3. Hello there, Rocks! I hope you still remember me. I'm sorry abt that. I have PCOS too - the reason we have a hard time getting pregnant. I stopped hoping too and never took meds for two years. But you know, God lets things happen in His time. My husband was here on Mar, then we found out on Apr that we're one month pregnant! We never expected it because we had other plans. We were planning to get a property this yr, but with the baby coming, ito muna priority namin. Hindi kasi namin kaya pagsabayin financially.

    Now, I'm 33 and on my 19th wk. By the time I give birth on Dec2010, Jeff's turning 13 naman on Jan2011.

    I know you know that God has plans for all of us. I know someday you'll say, 'My turn!'because you get what you wished for already.

    Take care, my friend . . . . .


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