Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday & Long day

It was a long day for me and hubby today. It was our church anniversary celebration this morning and the worship service is longer than its usual time, we finished at around 2:00 PM but we got home before 4. We just rested for a while and off we went to Manila to help our friend look for a possible wedding venue. We went first to Paco Park, mass is on going when we reached the place but we were able to take a good look at the garden. Next we went to Ibarra's, and then to Lotus Hotel and City Garden Suites.

So you can imagine how tired we were today. it's like being on treadmills for an hour. And yet, upon reaching home at around 10 PM tonight we still managed to watch "The Road" which is a very sad movie. I don't recommend it, the setting is very dark and sad.

That explains why I am still awake at this wee hour. 

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