Thursday, June 3, 2010

Night Swimming

Last Monday was my niece's 8th birthday and the family went swimming last Sunday night, we were supposed to go to Sea breeze in Taguig but to my surprise it has no schedule of night swimming that night. I called to inquire before we went there but they did not mention that night swimming is only on Tuesday and Saturday? I was pissed and so is my father who I think even without using a pulse oximeter you can tell from his looks that his pulse is up sa inis but I do not want to spoil the night so we went looking for another nearby pool, we ended up in Pasig which is not too far and is open but it is smaller and not as nice as Sea breeze. But nevertheless, the kids enjoyed the water.

                                                             the birthday celebrant

                                              with the greatest love of her life, her lola

look at the dirty water--that's around 12 midnight 

they really enjoyed doubt about it!

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