Thursday, June 17, 2010

McDonalds wedding in Manila

I saw this article last night from the W@W website and I tell you I was this for real? and yes it was.

The couple apparently loved the said fastfood and decided to treat their wedding guests there. It was nice and very unique!! They even have their wedding cake shaped in a big hamburger :)

"With “I do’s” already exchanged, the newly-married couple treated their guests to the brand of fast food that they both love. Yes, the wedding reception – or “recess,” as the couple likes to call it – took place at a McDonald’s branch along Alabang-Zapote road."

Read the whole article HERE. 

and you can watch the onsite Video HERE.


  1. hala! are these couple trying to make a record? hahaha!

  2. mura lang kaya ginastos nila dito?
    sana sa jolibee na lang din ako nag pakasal malapit pa. hehehehe.

  3. I guess this is really rare yet very personal! I wonder how much it cost them :)

  4. Wow! I just know Mcdo can be a wedding reception. Haha! But it's budget wise for the couple to choose the venue. Nice one: D


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