Thursday, June 10, 2010

HE cares

Even a cheap insurance can be a big help in time of needs. I mentioned before that we lost a co-employee due to stroke. We went there last night and it was sad to hear the stories regarding his hospitalization. Because they are thinking of money to use at that time, they settled for a government hospital which is quite far from their home. Everyone thought that if he’s been brought to a good hospital and he was brought there immediately, he might have survived. But then at the end of the day it’s only God who knows when our life is gonna end. My only regret is for all the years that he was with us in the office, I never had the chance to tell him that god loves him.

I should start doing that now. Telling people that God loves them and that God do cares. I do not know how it would change their life or their thoughts about God but as a Christian, I should do that often.

And so I am telling you guys now, The Lord loves you!! and whatever situation you are I right now, he still cares for you.

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