Thursday, June 10, 2010

Electronic what?

Do you know what is it? Look like some kind of doorbells no? but it is not. It is an electronic pest control, one that you plug into an electrical outlet and then presto! mice and cockroaches will leave your house, that is according to the salesman last night from Ace Hardware, although the one he's selling is not exactly the same like that. The boy said it was on sale, original price is 2,400.00 and now they are selling it for only 1,500.00!!! I so wanted to buy it because I want to get rid of rats and cockroach at home but I don't have enough cash in my wallet last night which is good. I don't need any extra expenses now and besides we just bought one mouse trap from the supermarket the other night.

How about you guys? what do you use in your home? Do you sue this electronic pest control? if you do, where do you think the pests are going? hehe! because the salesman said they will leave your house...I just thought poor neigh boors if they don't have it.

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