Saturday, June 5, 2010

ALS -DepEd

Have you heard about ALS or Alternative Learning System Program from Department of Education?

It is the program where anybody ages 15 and above and out of school can take exam and earn a diploma for secondary or elementary level. Registration is currently on going till the 15th of June. The tdate od examination is on August 5 for NCR. It is free and you only need to bring birth certificate to registration centers. You may inquire to nearest school near you for more information.

Why'd I mentioned this? because right now I am going to Pasay City East High School to inquire about it, I have some concerns regarding my two nephews who will take the said exam. Sadly they are not here and that is what I am gonna ask, if they can register now even if they are still abroad. They stopped going to school two years ago since they moved to Singapore. I hope they can still catch up and I hope I can find people who sell textbooks or review books for the ALS.

I'm gonna be a nanny for two teen agers for the next few months.Sigh

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  1. hi sis! i hope there's still time to apply for the said exam so that they can get the test already.

    btw, i have a new blog,hope you can add up my new blog to your links, its i already add up your blog to my links, hope you'll do the same.


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