Saturday, June 26, 2010

Air Supply Concert @ SMX

What a way to start our weekend. Thanks so much or the boss for giving us two guest pass.And the timing of the concert is more than perfect because I thought we needed the time to go out just by ourselves and have fun.  And I say even more than perfect because we just came up from a big fight. So I super enjoyed the night while he didn't love it that much. Talk about music differences.But still, I appreciate that he tries to appreciate my love for Air Supply's endless songs :)   here are some photos :

the voice is ageless :) grabe!! and who didn't fall in love with "All out of love" which is their last song for tonight's concert? And I will never forget "Even the nights are better" and of course my favorite when I was in college and surprise that I still remember every words of "Goodbye".hahaha!!

sad that he fell asleep at some songs.. :)

and enjoyed some too!!

a sizzling porkchop and sisig for the very late dinner after the concert

All in all..I had F-U-N!!!

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  1. I am more envied of the food than the concert. hahahaha.
    kasi nagugutom na ako ngaun. hehehhee!
    But I like air supply too though.


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