Saturday, June 26, 2010

Air Supply Concert @ SMX

What a way to start our weekend. Thanks so much or the boss for giving us two guest pass.And the timing of the concert is more than perfect because I thought we needed the time to go out just by ourselves and have fun.  And I say even more than perfect because we just came up from a big fight. So I super enjoyed the night while he didn't love it that much. Talk about music differences.But still, I appreciate that he tries to appreciate my love for Air Supply's endless songs :)   here are some photos :

the voice is ageless :) grabe!! and who didn't fall in love with "All out of love" which is their last song for tonight's concert? And I will never forget "Even the nights are better" and of course my favorite when I was in college and surprise that I still remember every words of "Goodbye".hahaha!!

sad that he fell asleep at some songs.. :)

and enjoyed some too!!

a sizzling porkchop and sisig for the very late dinner after the concert

All in all..I had F-U-N!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wedding gazebo-inspirations

I am planning a friends wedding and currently looking at these designs as inspirations. I plan to DIY all of them with the help of my husband. I hope I can do the same.maybe not as beautiful as this (hemigwaydesigns) but at least half of it.

I am thinking of white cloth and white flowers with lots of greens.
And oh I fell in love with this ;

I would love to get wed again sans the

Saturday Dinner @ CYMA

It was funny because I photographed the menu but not the food we ordered, maybe because we were all hungry so when the food came we waited no time.

 See? no left over at all :)

 The husband making fun or should I say silly pictures :)

It was my first time and I say I totally enjoyed that greek dinner!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

McDonalds wedding in Manila

I saw this article last night from the W@W website and I tell you I was this for real? and yes it was.

The couple apparently loved the said fastfood and decided to treat their wedding guests there. It was nice and very unique!! They even have their wedding cake shaped in a big hamburger :)

"With “I do’s” already exchanged, the newly-married couple treated their guests to the brand of fast food that they both love. Yes, the wedding reception – or “recess,” as the couple likes to call it – took place at a McDonald’s branch along Alabang-Zapote road."

Read the whole article HERE. 

and you can watch the onsite Video HERE.

Monday, June 14, 2010

pearls for your wedding!!

Diamond as we all know is a girl’s best friend but I think pearls can be the second girls’ best friend. I wore pearls on my wedding day but of course because I am not rich and that I can not afford to buy expensive pearl necklace and earrings.. I settled for something cheaper but mind you it looks good on my wedding gown and I absolutely loved it!!

If I have the money I will definitely invest in jewelries and in pearls, knowing I will pass them on to my daughter and to my daughter’s daughter. It would be a family legacy. has wide arrays of pearls, they are all beautiful!! I tell you my eyes are wide open as I look at them one by one. They have great collection for weddings and you can never go wrong with their bridal pearl set. Stunning!! When I look at it I wanted to get married again!! And if you are a frugal girl like me, don’t worry they do always have SALE and the collection in the red tag sale are all so nice too. You’ve got so many choices there and when you buy you get a free decorative gift box!

How I wish the hubby will order one for me for my birthday next year!! I really would love to have one :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bacolod Trip

Guess what? I was able to book us a flight to Bacolod for only P209.40 and that is for me and my husband already. Cebu Pacific is on sale so if you want to get cheap airfare tickets for January to March next year, go and book it now. Good thing I stayed up late to discuss with Gigi her wedding plans and to finish the custom cardboard boxes.

Now, I have to search for places to stay and sights to see in Bacolod. You can say I am excited!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HE cares

Even a cheap insurance can be a big help in time of needs. I mentioned before that we lost a co-employee due to stroke. We went there last night and it was sad to hear the stories regarding his hospitalization. Because they are thinking of money to use at that time, they settled for a government hospital which is quite far from their home. Everyone thought that if he’s been brought to a good hospital and he was brought there immediately, he might have survived. But then at the end of the day it’s only God who knows when our life is gonna end. My only regret is for all the years that he was with us in the office, I never had the chance to tell him that god loves him.

I should start doing that now. Telling people that God loves them and that God do cares. I do not know how it would change their life or their thoughts about God but as a Christian, I should do that often.

And so I am telling you guys now, The Lord loves you!! and whatever situation you are I right now, he still cares for you.

Plans and dreams

A repeat order for a t-shirt we printed last month came in the other day. And I am thankful. I hope there is more to come. And I am still thinking of what else can we do with the printing? Should we print bags (you know those eco shopping bags that are so in today)? Should we print pillow cases? I love the idea of the couple’s pillows I saw at the internet and I am thinking, we can make also personalized pillow cases using silk screen printing.

I will definitely let you know all the new stuff we will come up to if ever. I hope this business flourished into something big and I hope that our future will be as bright as the sunshine. I wish to see hubby wearing tuxedos someday, attending conferences, conventions and checking in to five start hotels with me in tow of course.

Electronic what?

Do you know what is it? Look like some kind of doorbells no? but it is not. It is an electronic pest control, one that you plug into an electrical outlet and then presto! mice and cockroaches will leave your house, that is according to the salesman last night from Ace Hardware, although the one he's selling is not exactly the same like that. The boy said it was on sale, original price is 2,400.00 and now they are selling it for only 1,500.00!!! I so wanted to buy it because I want to get rid of rats and cockroach at home but I don't have enough cash in my wallet last night which is good. I don't need any extra expenses now and besides we just bought one mouse trap from the supermarket the other night.

How about you guys? what do you use in your home? Do you sue this electronic pest control? if you do, where do you think the pests are going? hehe! because the salesman said they will leave your house...I just thought poor neigh boors if they don't have it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Empty house and school

This week I found my self and hubby with so much obligations to handle. Although most of them are family related. Enrolling the brother, getting their papers, registering the two nephew for ALS and at the same time have to fix empty house at San Mateo.

Last night we bought new locks and new door knobs to replace the old ones, we still have yet to schedule a day to clean and put everything in order. We might buy also big boxes or shipping boxes for the stuff we are putting aside. It's a major clean up there.

As usual, office work has to come to second because of the many obligations I committed my self to.

BASYA @ LJBC Anniversary!

Na miss namin ang mga wala sa picture!!! Chel and Dax, Jerlyn & Teng, Grace & Freddy :) Next anniversary sana present na kayo!

I want a new cell phone

I know I do not need a new cell phone or a cell phone booster because mine is still working fine except for few times that it hanged on me but over all it is still working. But looking at the trendy cell phones out there, you know those mobile phones where you can update and see facebook and twitter status, play games you play in FB, some even watch TV in their phones, and most of all take pictures using their phones. You see, mine is the very basic one, I use it for three MAJOR things I need.


and that's it. Now, I know I can not afford a very expensive one but don't you think I deserve a much better one than my present phone?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My eyes

I think I need to have my eyes checked again, it has been three years since I have them checked. And maybe part of my dizziness was because of it. Being in front of the computer for almost 16 hours a day can damage the eye. I hope though that mine will still be good because I don’t have budget to even cheap prescription glasses available in any optical shop.

I still have my old glasses that I have barely use. Maybe I should start using it now.


Our next move is to register our printing business to DTI or Department of Trade and Industry. This where you register a business if it sole proprietorship. I searched the website and the internet on how to register and here's what I found.

1. Go to nearest DTI office near you
2. Fill up application form
3. Pay the registration fee

You will need your TIN Number, 2x2 picture and prepare at least 3 to 5 choices for your business name.
Good thing there is only minimal requirements and that they don't require bpi certification so I guess hubby can do it in a day.

After the DTI registration, we will then apply a Mayors Permit and then the BIR so we can have the Official receipts printed.

Now, we are talking serious business. I'm quite afraid but I am excited.

Monday, June 7, 2010

T-shirt and Money matters

We sold plenty of shirts yesterday at the church. Mostly are the ones we designed especially for the church anniversary. And we also got a lot of positive response regarding hubby’s design. I couldn’t be more thankful. I am really praying that this business will flourish and that the income we get from it will suffice for our daily needs. If that happens then I would have peace leaving this day job of mine.

Although I still need more income to be able to help our families. A brother in law is asking for a support for his studies and I have old parents whom we are supporting too.

With all that expenses, I don’t think we can buy ourselves life insurance policy which I have been aiming since the day I started working. And I don't think we can travel for leisure for the next few years.

Well, if God will make our tshirt printing business a success, i don't see any reason for us not to travel. :)

To leave or not to leave


1. Will be able to wake up late in the morning
2. Being able to do all the work in the ministry
3. Will be able to help hubby (full time) in his printing business
4. Will have more time to rest and hopefully because of less stress we might get pregnant. Who knows di ba?
5. Will have more time with the family
6. Will have more time doing on line jobs


1. Have to let go of my monthly salary
2. No higher bandwidth internet connection, scanning software and all the luxury of our office supplied computer.
3. Leaving some good friends behind.

Sunday & Long day

It was a long day for me and hubby today. It was our church anniversary celebration this morning and the worship service is longer than its usual time, we finished at around 2:00 PM but we got home before 4. We just rested for a while and off we went to Manila to help our friend look for a possible wedding venue. We went first to Paco Park, mass is on going when we reached the place but we were able to take a good look at the garden. Next we went to Ibarra's, and then to Lotus Hotel and City Garden Suites.

So you can imagine how tired we were today. it's like being on treadmills for an hour. And yet, upon reaching home at around 10 PM tonight we still managed to watch "The Road" which is a very sad movie. I don't recommend it, the setting is very dark and sad.

That explains why I am still awake at this wee hour. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hubby's newest design!

here are the photos of the t-shirts we've been doing for the past few weeks :) buy one if you like, just message me for the details.

The last two shirts are for LJBC members (our church) and for those who love and supports our church as well :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ALS -DepEd

Have you heard about ALS or Alternative Learning System Program from Department of Education?

It is the program where anybody ages 15 and above and out of school can take exam and earn a diploma for secondary or elementary level. Registration is currently on going till the 15th of June. The tdate od examination is on August 5 for NCR. It is free and you only need to bring birth certificate to registration centers. You may inquire to nearest school near you for more information.

Why'd I mentioned this? because right now I am going to Pasay City East High School to inquire about it, I have some concerns regarding my two nephews who will take the said exam. Sadly they are not here and that is what I am gonna ask, if they can register now even if they are still abroad. They stopped going to school two years ago since they moved to Singapore. I hope they can still catch up and I hope I can find people who sell textbooks or review books for the ALS.

I'm gonna be a nanny for two teen agers for the next few months.Sigh

Got a new bag!!

And boy I am so glad that I didn't have to spend cash for this nor did I have to use a credit card to get this one. It was a gift (pasalubong) from my BIL who just came home from abroad. And it came at the right time I must say. I've been wanting to get me a new black bag because my favorite old one which was also from my sister is already worn out. I have several bags in my cabinet but when I do love a certain bag I use it everyday. i don't know why. maybe the comfort of knowing that you know your bag and the sections of it, easy for me to find my stuff inside.

Anyways, I love this one, it's a bit small but it is handy :) 

Friday, June 4, 2010

blogging to the next level

I know I said change is coming to this blog but loads of work has made me postponed it for a while. After all it's not only the template that I am planning to change but I am also thinking of moving to wordpress. As of trhe moment I still knew nothing about migrating so I know I would be neeeding a lot of time and a lot of online backup.

I might do it this month if my  "knowledge and powers" permit me to do so. 

Do you know any good readings about moving from blogger to wordpress? Any tutorials that are easy to understand? Please..please I need all the information I can get to do the big move.

Goodbye Summer

Summer is officially over here in my side of the world. In fact it has been raining the week which we all loved because we need rain and we want the cool weather.

A friend asked me when I stated it in my facebook status “where’d our summer gone?” because I realized I never really went out this summer for an outing, never went to a beach or to enjoy a pool on summer day. I know the reasons of course. We are financially tight and we have really no time. Anyways, I am wishing and hoping my next summer will be better, who knows maybe we can even avail of Branson vacation packages. Let's wait and see!

For the meantime, I will enjoy the wind, the rain and the cool weather!!

Life is short

I just learned this morning that a co-employee died last Wednesday night. He was just hospitalized last Monday. It was stroke and half of his body was paralyzed, we thought he's recovering because last Tuesday they id he was able to move his arms and that he was trying to move the paralyzed one. Some said it was due to over fatigue because they did an overtime work last Saturday where they moved boxes from our warehouse. Ours office is not like those high steel buildings so almost every employee knew each other and Kuya Greg-his name was our security guard before, everyone form the office knew him and everyone I guess at some point ask some personal favors from him. He left behind a wife and two children aged 8 and 5.

Life is indeed short.

I pray for God's comfort to her grieving family.

Friday-Fill ins

1. Where the beautiful beaches are and of course Home is my favorite place to travel to.

2. When I think about my childhood, I often remember me playing with the kids in the neighborhood, playing during night time when the moon is out and shining so bright!!.

3. Honesty and Just being there makes for a good friend.

4. The wind in the trees, the rain on my skin, oh the cool weather..I am loving it!! 

5. Going out of town and out of the country for a pleasure trip is so exciting!

6. My best friend knows who I am and what I can do for him.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having dinner with group of friends to celebrate someone’s birthday, tomorrow my plans include running early in the morning, going to school for errands on mid afternoon, worship team rehearsal in the late afternoon and on the evening will save and organize pictures on my flash drive and Sunday, I want to rest after the church service.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Night Swimming

Last Monday was my niece's 8th birthday and the family went swimming last Sunday night, we were supposed to go to Sea breeze in Taguig but to my surprise it has no schedule of night swimming that night. I called to inquire before we went there but they did not mention that night swimming is only on Tuesday and Saturday? I was pissed and so is my father who I think even without using a pulse oximeter you can tell from his looks that his pulse is up sa inis but I do not want to spoil the night so we went looking for another nearby pool, we ended up in Pasig which is not too far and is open but it is smaller and not as nice as Sea breeze. But nevertheless, the kids enjoyed the water.

                                                             the birthday celebrant

                                              with the greatest love of her life, her lola

look at the dirty water--that's around 12 midnight 

they really enjoyed doubt about it!

Working at home: Printing t-shirts

I did not report to work today because of lot of pending jobs at home. As I have said, our small silk screen printing business is slowly picking up and we have pending and I felt the need to help hubby finish it on time.  I wish I work in Consonus company or any company where I can do my work at home so that I do not need to absent in case emergency arises at home. Good thing my boss is very understanding or I don't know maybe he's planning to kick me out in due time which I hope not until our small business is already stable.

Anyways, we just finish printing and we will resume after a few minutes. This is the second batch for today. More printing work tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Berries for US!!

Dear Raquel,

Here is this week's Health Byte from the PCOSA. 

Berries are Among the Very Best for PCOS Health 
Ounce for ounce, berries have more protective heart-healthy plant antioxidants than almost any other food ... and that's just the start of the advantages of these fruits for women with PCOS.
Because they're high in fill-you-up fiber, they curb hunger which aids in better management of PCOS symptoms whether you're overweight, of normal healthy weight or even lean. For this same reason, they can help to lose or control weight if you need some assistance in this area.
Berries - any berries - not only lower the risk of developing a disease like cancer but also help prevent memory loss.
Aim to eat a cup of berries- fresh or thawed from frozen - at least three times a week. There are plenty of ways to add them to your diet.
  • Tossing them in salads
  • Snacking on them one by one
  • Adding them to yogurt, cereal and smoothies
  • Stirring them into anything you bake

Christine DeZarn
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association, Inc. (PCOSA)