Thursday, May 27, 2010

Young and worry free

This girl is turning 8 on the 31st. Last year we had a barbie party for her.She always had a party every year but this year because she's already 8, the celebration will be for us only, the whole family will go swimming this Sunday to celebrate her day and the end of the summer. 

Nope, she is not my child. She is my niece and I love her to bits :)Her greatest love is my mom and I think my mom's greatest love is her also. They are inseparable.

Isn't she cute? I hope she stay that way forever.Young, worry free, loving, and fun. I think those are the reason why all kids are beautiful and cute. They don't need acne cleanser like adults do because they don't worry too much.

Anyways, you can tell she is excited for our swimming party on Sunday and to think it will be her fourth swimming this summer. Kids really enjoy life to the fullest.

Don't you wish you are a kid again sometimes?

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  1. Rocks, your niece is pretty! I hope she'll have a wonderful birthday celebration.

    OO nga, ang sarap maging bata, pwede ba bumalik kahit isang araw lang?


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