Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trip to Cogeo with friends!

Our "basha" group of friends went to Cogeo last Monday to visit our friends son's because it was his 8th month birthday, it was actually unplanned. I think we are good at doing unplanned trips even though sometimes we're tight on budget. But you can not buy friendship so there is no amount you can tag if you value friendship as much as we do.

We were on the road at around 10:00 in the morning, it was a smooth trip until something went wrong with our tire (again) and worst it was not only flat tire but damaged tire as in we can not go on with it. If only all of us had cars like brand new honda accord there wouldn't be any problem but still we are grateful a friend has let us use his van which fits us all. So anyways, we immediately look for auto repairs shop which we hope is as good as San Francisco repair shop or tire stores but we only saw one tiny vulcanizing shop. They have second hand tires and we settled for it (and it is much cheaper and affordable). Good thing the card needs only tire and not timing belt replacement otherwise we will all be frustrated and hungry because it is already lunch time.

Still, it was  a good day spent with friends we dearly love. I thank God for such friendship, we've been friends since we are singles and now almost everyone is married, three couples have kids already, two more ladies are pregnant..we are actually growing and we hope our kids will also be friends someday. Keeping the friendship alive!

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  1. friends, friends, friends.... life is boring and very very very very lonely without them. hahahaha!


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