Saturday, May 29, 2010

Skincare and weekend

Hi everyone!! How's your weekend going? Are you having a busy weekend or a lazy stay at home day? How I wish for the latter but I am having the first. It is a busy weekend for me.And I hope I will not need the best acne treatment after this week. But chances are with the way things going in my life right now. Good luck to my skin and face.

One, I've been sleeping so late for the whole week, and when I say late it means 3:00 am or 2:00 AM. And I know for someone to have a good skin  she needs at least 8 hour of sleep everyday. 

Next, I am always on the road and with our service vehicle (motorbike) I am exposed everyday to the heat and pollutants around.

So really good luck to my face.

But I can not complain because the reason why I always sleep late and why I am busy ,it's all worth it. I mean I do not stay late just playing games or chatting. I am working.

Anyways, whatever weekend you are having I hope you are enjoying it to the max!!

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