Monday, May 17, 2010

I want to WORK AT HOME

It’s only Monday and I long for weekend again. Sigh

That can only mean one thing. I do not like to work anymore or maybe I do not like my work anymore.

I’ve been forever contemplating to resign which I filed twice but for reasons I do not know I am still here.

I want to do other things.

I want to do more important things rather than sit and make calls and receive calls and file files and take notes and send e-mails and so forth and so on.

I want to:

*Attend formal seminar on balloon decors
* attend seminars on urban poor ministries
* create more projects for the kids we are helping
* focus on ministry
* do more mission trip here and outside the country.
*wake up a little bit late and work on my pace

In short- I want to WORK-AT-HOME.


  1. same wish here sis! i want to work at home. :) i've been trying to get work from but i haven't been interviewed for anything from them.

  2. Hey Rocks,

    I am praying with you that you will be able to work from and at home!

    Praying that God will make a way for you...


  3. Yes I hear ya. We should pray for that decision. It's really good for others to work at home. Yet we should see that God has a purpose for us wherever He placed us. Though the "new career" still involves God's plans and ministry, we can do those things where He placed us.
    So , the best thing we can do right now, is to offer our current job to Him , while at the same time pray for your wish to come true, if that is according to His plans.


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