Monday, May 24, 2010

Hongkong Trip?

I have a 76 pesos ticket for two (one way) to Hongkong for September 29. I booked that during the 1 peso seat sale of Cebu Pacific. It was a great sale I must say but I was only able to get us a one way ticket.

Now, the problem is finding a cheap ticket going back from Hongkong to Manila. I’ve been browsing but to no avail.

And plus the fact that we still have to make some ipon for this Hongkong trip, travel tax, airport tax, our accommodations and food and of course for the pasyal itself will cost us a lot.

And because of that I’ve thoughts to just forego the ticket, although I don’t want the promo fare to go to waste because I know it is not easy to avail of such very good promo…but If I have no choice, will just let it go.



  1. Wow! Sobrang savings niyan for that one-way ticket! I would love to avail those promo fares from Cebu Pacific but sometimes I get discouraged when I hear and read about numerous "Cebu Pacific Woes"...

  2. Me! ME! Me! I am applying for those tickets. what airline is it?


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