Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Election and online advertising

It’s time to vote, well in 5 days that is. I still have not made my list although I already gave chosen long ago who my President is, I am still undecided whom to vote for Vice-president and my senators are not yet complete. How about you? Have you filled-up your list yet?

How did you decide whom to vote for? This election is really different, in terms of campaigning and advertising and the loads of infomercial even before the campaign dates begun. The media has played so much to effect the voters and candidates come election time. And I must say the internet has played big time in this election too.

You open your yahoo and there’s campaign ad there, you open your facebook and chances are you’ll see one or two in the home page. The candidates surely know where to put their advertisement, they must have been informed about the benefits of online advertising. With the fast paced development of internet, those into sales have increased income for sure especially those who are using CPA networks or CPA advertising.

I have a page in facebook and I was tempted to have it advertise many times. I was also thinking of doing it with my three blogs but since money will be involved I have to think twice. For now, I have to suffice my self searching for link building agency and building link which I believe is a good alternative to advertising your site.

Online lead generation or sales lead is another thing but if you are just new into online advertising you might want to check websites first before diving into it. It is always best to be informed before taking the plunge.

Back to the election, which I am hoping will push through, I have been hearing lots of glitches with the machines and all. Anyways, we still have 5 days and I hope I have completed my list then.

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