Tuesday, May 4, 2010

better to be safe than sorry

Have you ever experienced being lost in the mall or in the buildings? Or have you ever had hard time figuring out where to go, what floor you are in? That usually happens when there are no visible signages. Worst thing is when you are trying to get out and yet cannot find your way out because there are no exit signs at all.

I remember the disco tragedy happened few years ago, a fire broke on this full packed disco house, there were lots of newly graduate high school students celebrating their graduation day. They said that there could have been more survivors if there were only big and visible exit sign. Unfortunately, the people inside do not know any emergency exit and that is very sad.

Today, whenever I go to movie houses I make sure I know where the emergency exit is and that if ever something wrong happened I’ll know exactly where to go. The husband says I am paranoid but It is better to be ready than to be caught off guard right?

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