Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anemic:Vitamins:forgetful me

I keep on missing my daily vitamin. I'm taking 2 tablets of ferrous sulfate a day because of my iron deficiency. It is very common to women especially to those who are pregnant. In my case, I have always been anemic ever since. I remember my mom used to feed me foods that are rich in iron when I was still a kid. Green leafy vegetables such as Kamote tops, malunggay  and worse the young bird ( i think it is a dove) and the slightly cooked liver. 

 I do not know why I still grew up anemic. I guess the heavy flows during my periods is the main reason. 
 In addition to my ferrous sulfate, I am planning to buy also vitamin E supplement. encouraged by the TV commercial of Judy Ann Santos. hehe! 

Do you take nay vitamins? What are they?

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