Sunday, May 30, 2010

Always a bridesmaid

But at least I didn't have 27 dresses and I didn't have to wait for the 28th to be my own wedding gown. You can say I enjoyed that movie. I only saw it last night, I had the VCD for almost a month now and I've been meaning to watch it but got no chance until last night.

It is funny because I remember my mom keeps on reminding me before that I should stop being bridesmaid because I might not get married anymore and to think I have only been bridesmaid 5 times when I was single. 

But I must admit there were times I declined being such because I am already getting old and bigger (those were the times that I refuse to wear dress anymore, times that I started taking diet and slimming pills though I do not remember taking liporexall) I even said NO to my brothers wedding because I don't think I will look good to any dress.

But I have learned to love weddings too, and even if I am not bridesmaid I always have special participation in friends wedding. I love to plan with them, choose flowers with them, I love to dream with them. I just love weddings. That is why even If I do all the work for free I will still be happy. I may not be the bridesmaid but I an be the brides best friend. In short I am the coordinator. lol

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