Monday, May 31, 2010


Today, I really feel tired. And I know it is not because I have loads of work today but it’s the huge work I’ve been doing for the past week and like any other things our body needs its rest at some point. vitamins and some food supplement may help to sustain you but it will not hold you from falling. And I know I am I need to rest now. Rest means, get at least 8 hour sleep, rest my mind and have good time of relaxation, stress free for the mean time and maybe I’ll be rejuvenated afterwards.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Always a bridesmaid

But at least I didn't have 27 dresses and I didn't have to wait for the 28th to be my own wedding gown. You can say I enjoyed that movie. I only saw it last night, I had the VCD for almost a month now and I've been meaning to watch it but got no chance until last night.

It is funny because I remember my mom keeps on reminding me before that I should stop being bridesmaid because I might not get married anymore and to think I have only been bridesmaid 5 times when I was single. 

But I must admit there were times I declined being such because I am already getting old and bigger (those were the times that I refuse to wear dress anymore, times that I started taking diet and slimming pills though I do not remember taking liporexall) I even said NO to my brothers wedding because I don't think I will look good to any dress.

But I have learned to love weddings too, and even if I am not bridesmaid I always have special participation in friends wedding. I love to plan with them, choose flowers with them, I love to dream with them. I just love weddings. That is why even If I do all the work for free I will still be happy. I may not be the bridesmaid but I an be the brides best friend. In short I am the coordinator. lol

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Skincare and weekend

Hi everyone!! How's your weekend going? Are you having a busy weekend or a lazy stay at home day? How I wish for the latter but I am having the first. It is a busy weekend for me.And I hope I will not need the best acne treatment after this week. But chances are with the way things going in my life right now. Good luck to my skin and face.

One, I've been sleeping so late for the whole week, and when I say late it means 3:00 am or 2:00 AM. And I know for someone to have a good skin  she needs at least 8 hour of sleep everyday. 

Next, I am always on the road and with our service vehicle (motorbike) I am exposed everyday to the heat and pollutants around.

So really good luck to my face.

But I can not complain because the reason why I always sleep late and why I am busy ,it's all worth it. I mean I do not stay late just playing games or chatting. I am working.

Anyways, whatever weekend you are having I hope you are enjoying it to the max!!

Anemic:Vitamins:forgetful me

I keep on missing my daily vitamin. I'm taking 2 tablets of ferrous sulfate a day because of my iron deficiency. It is very common to women especially to those who are pregnant. In my case, I have always been anemic ever since. I remember my mom used to feed me foods that are rich in iron when I was still a kid. Green leafy vegetables such as Kamote tops, malunggay  and worse the young bird ( i think it is a dove) and the slightly cooked liver. 

 I do not know why I still grew up anemic. I guess the heavy flows during my periods is the main reason. 
 In addition to my ferrous sulfate, I am planning to buy also vitamin E supplement. encouraged by the TV commercial of Judy Ann Santos. hehe! 

Do you take nay vitamins? What are they?

Friday, May 28, 2010


After “Dear John” last February, finally, another movie date with the husband last night. I do not watch movies in big screen too often because I find it expensive and we are at present in cost cutting times. But last night I asked hubby if we could at least watch “HERE COMES THE BRIDE’ and he said yes. After all it was a funny movie and we need to laugh real hard sometimes right?

And the movie did not fail us. It was hilarious, very entertaining and I liked it. And the husband enjoyed it too. John Lapuz is funny and the big girl like me who obviously needs clinicallix to shed the excess pounds is funny too. I do not know her actually but she’s good.

Ad of course Eugene Domingo was the very reason why I wanted to see it. Saw her “Kimidora” and I assumed this one is good to and I was right.

So if you haven’t watched it yet. I highly recommend it, it is still showing in some cinemas in Metro Manila. We watched at Waltermart Pasong Tamo which is convenient for us because we are very near that place.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Blog award

This came  from Joy of "From this side" and I am honored and humbled to receive such a compliment from a fellow blogger. It is a delight to have found someone like her in the blogosphere.

Thank you so much sis!! and again..I'm giving you loads of cyberhugs!

Young and worry free

This girl is turning 8 on the 31st. Last year we had a barbie party for her.She always had a party every year but this year because she's already 8, the celebration will be for us only, the whole family will go swimming this Sunday to celebrate her day and the end of the summer. 

Nope, she is not my child. She is my niece and I love her to bits :)Her greatest love is my mom and I think my mom's greatest love is her also. They are inseparable.

Isn't she cute? I hope she stay that way forever.Young, worry free, loving, and fun. I think those are the reason why all kids are beautiful and cute. They don't need acne cleanser like adults do because they don't worry too much.

Anyways, you can tell she is excited for our swimming party on Sunday and to think it will be her fourth swimming this summer. Kids really enjoy life to the fullest.

Don't you wish you are a kid again sometimes?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

our small home business is picking up!

Remember my post about wanting to work at home badly? Well, unfortunately I still do not see my self in that situation for the next couple of months but I am thanking God right now because our small home based business of printing t-shirts (silk screen) is slowly picking up. Hubby is really doing his best to do well to have more clients and Praise God, this month he has earned enough to cover our rent and he had already bought new tires for the motor bike.

If this blessing goes on and will continue to surge up, I will definitely leave my day time job and help hubby with the small business.

Thank you Lord.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hongkong Trip?

I have a 76 pesos ticket for two (one way) to Hongkong for September 29. I booked that during the 1 peso seat sale of Cebu Pacific. It was a great sale I must say but I was only able to get us a one way ticket.

Now, the problem is finding a cheap ticket going back from Hongkong to Manila. I’ve been browsing but to no avail.

And plus the fact that we still have to make some ipon for this Hongkong trip, travel tax, airport tax, our accommodations and food and of course for the pasyal itself will cost us a lot.

And because of that I’ve thoughts to just forego the ticket, although I don’t want the promo fare to go to waste because I know it is not easy to avail of such very good promo…but If I have no choice, will just let it go.


Friday, May 21, 2010


oh give me the courage and the patient to change the lay out and template and the total look of this blog..

I think it's about time  to CHANGE..

I hope it is not as hard as the last time I changed this and I hope I can find one beautiful template that fits my personality :)

Please bear with me folks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I want to WORK AT HOME

It’s only Monday and I long for weekend again. Sigh

That can only mean one thing. I do not like to work anymore or maybe I do not like my work anymore.

I’ve been forever contemplating to resign which I filed twice but for reasons I do not know I am still here.

I want to do other things.

I want to do more important things rather than sit and make calls and receive calls and file files and take notes and send e-mails and so forth and so on.

I want to:

*Attend formal seminar on balloon decors
* attend seminars on urban poor ministries
* create more projects for the kids we are helping
* focus on ministry
* do more mission trip here and outside the country.
*wake up a little bit late and work on my pace

In short- I want to WORK-AT-HOME.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Election fever is not yet over here dear friends. And although it was an automated one and results are counted immediately after the voting time ended, there are still lots of people complaining of election fraud, the very recent was about this 67 PCOS machine discovered in a house in Antipolo.

And lots of complaints about votes not being counted, even BANGON Pilipinas party is complaining. I wish they installed security cameras in every polling precint although I know it won’t really stop the cheating and fraud.

Anyways, as for now, we clearly have a new President and Filipinos are hopefuls for a CHANGE to come in the country and in their lives. I just hope he will deliver.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

PCOS and Hair Loss

I used to not worry about my thin hair because I was born with that, however since I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I worry now about the hair loss, first because I already have thin hair and I cannot afford to lose more.

Everyday, hundreds of hair falls and that is said to be normal because another new hair will soon grow from its place. But excessive loss and the failure to grow new hair are quite scary because nobody especially we women want to go bald right?

In my case I know that I might lose more hair because of the presence of excessively high levels of androgens (male hormones) so I am making sure I do take care of it very well. and other sites are big help. At least I got to learn and read about it before hand.

Are you losing some hairs too? What are you doing about it?

Happy Moms day to all!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New blog coming soon

I would like to make another blog, I know I already have three but I’ve been thinking of this since I started our ministry blog.

Why start another one? because I want a new site where I can write about weight loss stories and to journal my journey (which is yet to start by the way) in losing weight.

I thought that if I have a blog where I record everything I might be more disciplined and more serious into doing it. Somehow it’s like you feel you are accountable to your readers right?

Let me see, If I decide to start the “journey” then it means I have to start that new site.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I can not vote and I am fat

It's weekend and a long one again, the second for this month.

It's also election day on Monday. I was supposed to go to home to our hometown to celebrate Mother's day and to vote but............ I know there is not enough reason not to go because I'm missing my parents so much. but then again, if only I am rich I'll go there and visit them every week.

Although I have talked to them over the phone this afternoon it is still sad not being able to go with my original plan. Anyways, I'll just have to wait for them to come here on the 17th.

I know my vote is wasted and I know that whoever wins I have no rights to complain. I'll just have to support him and pray for him, that is the best I can do.

So we had a change of plan for the weekend, we're going to my sister's place instead in Bulacan right after the hubby cast his vote. I also hope I can begin "walking/exercising" this weekend because I am soooo big and that is not an exagerration. i look at my pictures last night and I was not happy at all, I look so tired, stressed and fat. Oh well, I am fat. I guess even the best fat burbners like what it said in apidexin reviews would not help at all unless I really do my part which means less food intake and more moving.

How about you? Are you going to vote on Monday? whom are you voting for? 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trip to Cogeo with friends!

Our "basha" group of friends went to Cogeo last Monday to visit our friends son's because it was his 8th month birthday, it was actually unplanned. I think we are good at doing unplanned trips even though sometimes we're tight on budget. But you can not buy friendship so there is no amount you can tag if you value friendship as much as we do.

We were on the road at around 10:00 in the morning, it was a smooth trip until something went wrong with our tire (again) and worst it was not only flat tire but damaged tire as in we can not go on with it. If only all of us had cars like brand new honda accord there wouldn't be any problem but still we are grateful a friend has let us use his van which fits us all. So anyways, we immediately look for auto repairs shop which we hope is as good as San Francisco repair shop or tire stores but we only saw one tiny vulcanizing shop. They have second hand tires and we settled for it (and it is much cheaper and affordable). Good thing the card needs only tire and not timing belt replacement otherwise we will all be frustrated and hungry because it is already lunch time.

Still, it was  a good day spent with friends we dearly love. I thank God for such friendship, we've been friends since we are singles and now almost everyone is married, three couples have kids already, two more ladies are pregnant..we are actually growing and we hope our kids will also be friends someday. Keeping the friendship alive!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Election and online advertising

It’s time to vote, well in 5 days that is. I still have not made my list although I already gave chosen long ago who my President is, I am still undecided whom to vote for Vice-president and my senators are not yet complete. How about you? Have you filled-up your list yet?

How did you decide whom to vote for? This election is really different, in terms of campaigning and advertising and the loads of infomercial even before the campaign dates begun. The media has played so much to effect the voters and candidates come election time. And I must say the internet has played big time in this election too.

You open your yahoo and there’s campaign ad there, you open your facebook and chances are you’ll see one or two in the home page. The candidates surely know where to put their advertisement, they must have been informed about the benefits of online advertising. With the fast paced development of internet, those into sales have increased income for sure especially those who are using CPA networks or CPA advertising.

I have a page in facebook and I was tempted to have it advertise many times. I was also thinking of doing it with my three blogs but since money will be involved I have to think twice. For now, I have to suffice my self searching for link building agency and building link which I believe is a good alternative to advertising your site.

Online lead generation or sales lead is another thing but if you are just new into online advertising you might want to check websites first before diving into it. It is always best to be informed before taking the plunge.

Back to the election, which I am hoping will push through, I have been hearing lots of glitches with the machines and all. Anyways, we still have 5 days and I hope I have completed my list then.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bridal Expo 2010 -pefect beginnings

The Bridal Expo

JUNE 5 - 6, 2010

better to be safe than sorry

Have you ever experienced being lost in the mall or in the buildings? Or have you ever had hard time figuring out where to go, what floor you are in? That usually happens when there are no visible signages. Worst thing is when you are trying to get out and yet cannot find your way out because there are no exit signs at all.

I remember the disco tragedy happened few years ago, a fire broke on this full packed disco house, there were lots of newly graduate high school students celebrating their graduation day. They said that there could have been more survivors if there were only big and visible exit sign. Unfortunately, the people inside do not know any emergency exit and that is very sad.

Today, whenever I go to movie houses I make sure I know where the emergency exit is and that if ever something wrong happened I’ll know exactly where to go. The husband says I am paranoid but It is better to be ready than to be caught off guard right?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

3 cheers for mom/ a joyful parenting event

For moms out there and for those who are soon to be moms, you might be interested to join this event.

Anemic and Wrinkles

It's been more than a month of irregular sleep and I am now taking ferrous sulfate as  supplement for Iron because I don't want to get sick more so hospitalized. I am anemic so it is best to take ferrous tablet everyday. Or else I might be needing blood transfusion too someday. I don't like.

At least with the iron supplement, all I am worried about is the wrinkles that are showing off, and I don't even use any wrinkle cream to minimize it.

But as I have said before,we all grow old and we can't help it. I know I am only hastening mine due to lack of sleep and rest.

I'm so looking forward to regular sleeping days.