Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smart Parenting

Weird me.

• I recently chanced upon the smart parenting website and I thought I wanted to register as a full member. BUT I AM NOT A PARENT YET.

• I wanted to register because I want to join their recent contest where you can win a big tote bag for moms (obviously to carry all the baby stuff you need when you go out). BUT THEN AGAIN I DO NOT HAVE A KID YET.

Funny me.

I realized though that I frequent some mom blogs and some parenting sites too which I know is not bad because I got to learn something which I share to my friends who have kids already. So I guess it’s not weird huh?

But I think I should visit and read more sites and gather more info on how to become pregnant or how to effectively lose weight or what diet pills are safe to be taken or better yet how to get rich quick.


It’s only Wednesday and I am dead tired of office work already. I wish it’s Friday na tomorrow.

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