Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Dear RYAN

Today is my eldest nephew’s 13th birthday, I called him on the phone and greeted him and now I am being sentimental aunt.You see, first born child (even if some won’t admit it) are always treated special. And Ryan (my nephew’s name) being the first grandson in our family has always been special to us.

I remember how our world changed when he was born 13 years ago, I remember the many sleepless nights cuddling him when he’s sick. I remember buying him all the Joliibee and Mcdonalds toys that comes with the happy meal for kids. And I remember how his eyes light up whenever he opens every toy. I remember how excited we were on his first day in school and how proud was my Tatay (his grandfather) to bring and pick him up from the school with his pedicab (tri-bike) everyday.

I remember every birthday celebrations he had, from first birthday party to his 7th. I remember how happy we were when he first walked and talked. Last year was another milestone for him, he graduated from elementary and as always I am one proud Aunt.

(With his mom who cried on his graduation day)

This month marks also the end of his first year in High School and I know he did well, he said competition is tough and very different from elementary but he did his best and that’s what we want from him. To just do his best in everything he does.

Ryan is one kind soul, I also remember vividly when he was young he used to play inside our small church which is beside our house and talk to our pastor and his wife and he said one day when he grows up he wants to be a Pastor. He first learned songs from the church instead of nursery songs and now at 13 he is very much involve in the church together with her Mom who is now also a servant of God.

I still wish I could take from him the pain and hurt of life but I couldn’t and I know young as he is, he has his own shares of painful chapters also especially when his parents marriage was put to test, but I am even more proud how he journeyed through tough times, how he has grown up, how he love his parents and how he loves us.


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